01 - Render Output Size

The render output is the total res of the comp (4328x2184, 1700x712) divided by 10-15%
Usually, for the PRISM, I make the resolution a bit lower, so it is divided by 10%, and for the ICE, I divided by 10% for some smaller particle effects, and 15% for most things (the maze, etc) since with 10% was a bit too nitid/softer edges)


02 - Removing all the anti-alias from the project


03 - Changing layer quality/sampling

When I import the image sequences of the small renders from C4D (170x71 pixels. etc) I stretch them inside the full size comp, and remove the resolution inside the comps, to jagged lines (no anti-alias)


04 - Render Output Settings

The only thing I change on Render Settings is changing the quality from the default “Best” to “Draft”